Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The political prisoner Julian Assange | Contemporary History with Elizabeth I

Julian Assange, political prisoner, US, GB, satire, comic, collage

The US is by far the most repressive state on earth

As with military spending, the US leads the prison population worldwide as well [Link to Prisonstudies.org]. In 2018, 2 million 121,600 people were detained in the United States. In more than four times more populous China, there were many fewer: namely 1 million 649,804.

Images: own collages using a section of a photo by Jacob Appelbaum, license for the section: CC BY 3.0. The photo shows in the original Julian Assange together with Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Julian Assange was separated from the background | Idea, graphics, text: rw

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Elizabeth I demands justice for Julian Assange!