The main characters:

Elizabeth I, England, Queen, Pop Art Style, Fantasy, Satire, Comedy

Elizabeth I, born 7 September 1533, died 24 March 1603. Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. She was the daughter of Anne Boleyn & Henry VIII. Her Picture comes from Wikimedia Commons.

Francis Drake, Pirate, Fantasy, Comic, Satire, Pop Art Style

Francis Drake, born circa 1540, died 27 January 1596. Vice admiral, sea captain, privateer, explorer, second circumnavigator. Drake's picture comes from Wikimedia Commons.

Fantasy, Comic, Sea monster, wife, Fantasy, Satire, Comedy, weird

F. Mulder, the giant Sea Monster and his wife Pocahontas. Birthdays unknown. She and he are still alive! His and her picture - painted in 1553 - comes also from Wikimedia.

The Sea Monster fellows of F. Mulder are coming from Wikimedia. Original source is the Carta marina, a map of the Northern lands and seas, published in 1539.

Philip II
(Spanish: Felipe II), born 21 May 1527, died 13 September 1598. King of Spain (1556 - 1598), King of Portugal (1581 - 1598). He was also Duke of Milan and Lord of the Netherlands. His picture comes from Wikipedia. It was painted by Sofonisba Anguissola, circa 1570.

The Aliens / the UFO crews are coming from Pixabay. Thanks to Peggy & Marco.

The ship is the "Jesus of Lübeck". The picture comes from Wikipedia. Original source is the Anthony Roll, a record of ships of the English Tudor navy. More about the "Jesus of Lübeck" in Wikipedia.

The UFO comes from openclipart. Thanks to Ricardo.

In the deep ocean. Two Sea Monster in love. This comic is so romantic.